Do you wish you could control midi with a customized layout?

In partnership with Rik's Rockshop we provide custom midi solutions.

Contact us for details and price.

Some examples:

Custom pedalboard 1

Voes MX-12 Built-in, Line 6 HX Stomp™ and expression pedal.

Voes Custom

Custom pedalboard 2

Voes MC-10 Built-in, Liquid Foot™ LF+ 12+ and three expression pedals.

One Expression pedal is connected to the Voes MC-10.

Voes Custom

Custom pedalboard 3

Custom chip controls the Eventide™ Timefactor.

Voes Custom

Custom pedalboard 4

Two custom programmed chips.

Top buttons control the Mastermind™.

Bottom buttons control both Eventide™ H9 and Timefactor.

Voes Custom

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